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We start in the little town of "Slowville" inside the small gym. We see the relationships between the stereotype characters that regularly go to the gym. Here people are judged on their appearance and not their personalities and behavior.

It all begins with the journey of a young man called WALDO who arrives at the gym looking for work on his way to "Muscledon City". (a parody of 80’s Michael Jackson), Waldo has a heart of gold.

Waldo reunites with an old school friend who happens to be the sexiest woman at the gym called NADONNA (parody of 80’s Madonna) who too has a beautiful heart but also an insanely jealous ex-boyfriend MR CHOCOLATE ICE TEA (parody of Mr T from the A-team) His muscles match the size of his ego. Mr Chocolate Ice Tea possessively watches Nadonna’s every move and treats her and everyone else very badly feeling he is superior.

Mr Chocolate Ice Tea discovers that Nadonna and Waldo are getting closer so Mr Chocolate Ice Tea forces him to move on to the city leaving Nadonna behind.

3 years later we find Waldo in "Muscledon City" As manager of a gym. Waldo has chosen to become more like mr Chocolate Ice Tea in appearance and “Bad” attitude towards others. Nadonna comes looking for Waldo but finds he is not the man she fell in love with in "Slowville" and following her is of course is entire the group from the small town gym turning Waldo's life upside down once more.

Will Waldo and Nadonna get together? Will Mr Chocolate Ice Tea get over his obsession with Nadonna, and the man in the mirror? Will all the many other crazy characters find what they want?
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Download the entire production on the VIDEO page to find out.
Download the entire production on the VIDEO page to find out.

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