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"CITY GYM The Musical" is set in the 80's when muscle was king! In this Singing and Dancing Spectacular enjoy 20 original 80's style Rock and Pop songs written by the show's creator Danny Tesla.

Enjoy this International cast as they make you laugh until your sides hurt in this fun, romantic, over the top comedy all ages will enjoy.

Think back to dyed hair, feather bangs, mohawks, Fish net stockings, fingerless gloves and tight skinny jeans in variations of fluorescent colors. Also can't forget leg warmers. MC Hammer pants, Ray Ban sunglasses, the boom box. It was all about extravagance!

Enjoy this trip down memory lane with Parody's of 80's Icon's like Mr Miyagi (from the Karate KID) Mr T (from the A-Team) and Mr Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger together on stage plus 80's Music Icons, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Salt N Pepa and even Milli Vanilli…(well they will be miming) all together on stage!

Check out the Ultimate 80's Musical.

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